Switching from Other Fields to Cybersecurity is Profitable

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If you are in some other sphere of professionalism and want to start a career in the field of Cybersecurity, we have really good news for you. Research proves that Cybersecurity professionals who had initially started their careers in other fields and later moved on to become Cybersecurity employees are more likely to be paid higher than a person who has pursued his/her career completely in Cybersecurity from the initial stage.


It is so likely because no matter what degree you possess, your earning depends on your work experience in the Cybersecurity industry. For example, a Cybersecurity professional possessing a degree in any engineering field related to Cybersecurity is paid the same as a person not possessing a professional engineering degree. It is not on the ground of educational qualification but, on the ground of experience on which the payroll is issued. The more time you stay in the industry, the more you get paid, and that’s a factual reality as you would be gathering more experience in the industry. The Cybersecurity IT industry is currently experiencing a global crisis due to a lack of relevant skills in an applicant. Companies will pay a large sum of money to you if you possess the skillsets no matter what is your education background. The even bigger news is that 0% of unemployment has been recorded in the Cybersecurity industry.


It is of utmost importance for the companies to attract more enthusiastic and aspiring Cybersecurity experts as they look forward to saving themselves from data theft, ransomware and many other things. To do this, they need to prove to a potential jobseeker in the industry that the change in their career is going to be very positive with higher pay and more respect than in other professions. It should also promise a stable growth and scope for flourishing. 


But, the companies are also at a profit here, because by drawing professionals from other streams towards Cybersecurity, they have the chance of retaining some of the newly recruited Cybersecurity professionals which would ensure that their investment is returned through work. Young professionals are provided with career development, mentorship and cross-training. This is where the companies invest for initiatives to attract more youngsters into this field.


Currently, more than 50% of the Cybersecurity personnel are found to have started their careers in other industries and have moved here later. It is also found that almost 65% of the job shifters do not look forward towards leaving this sector. There are many reasons, and they stay in demand, are paid high, are respect and are also paid with respect to their experience and skills.


According to recent surveys, the sector is running short of skilled employees to fill the position gaps around the world. There is a shortage of more than 4 million Cybersecurity professional employees worldwide. Hence, attracting employees from different sectors is the only viable way to tackle the problem. It won’t obviously fill the gap, and it would just alleviate the problem to be dealt with in future.


Projected Salary levels

The polls conducted worldwide show that there are 1,324 Cybersecurity professionals around the world currently and the salary distribution is not quite uniform over them all. Almost half (48.38% to be exact) of these Cybersecurity employees are paid less than $50,000 every year. This means that people with a salary of less than $20,000 per year would not meet the average American’s monthly salary, and that would be a problem. Well, rest 51.62% of employees are paid huge salaries exceeding $70,000 per year, which means they get at least $5,833 per month, which would make them really well off. Most of these later highest-paid employees are being identified to be working in North America. But, now a new rule has been implemented set forth by (ISC)2, the certification body of Cybersecurity experts has set the average salary bar to $90,000 to all the employees of this sector to ensure no inequalities between workers.


Financial Institutions and banks need to build up a strong defence to counter against miscreants and hackers because they are the most preferred target of Cybercriminals. And as we all know, need is the mother of Discovery, it is the field offering the highest growth, developing and earning for any Cybersecurity expert.