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Dedicated Servers Reduce Business Risks Easily – Onlive Server

If you run a business and want to reduce the risk of protecting your servers from physical damage and reduce the risk of data loss due to an unavailable or slow website, dedicated server hosting are the obvious choice for you. Before we go into details, let’s discuss what a dedicated server is. As you can see, your company website is usually hosted in USA Location, then USA dedicated server hosting is the perfect choice for your company. Of course, the server will also host other websites. This affordable option is the perfect choice for personal websites and small businesses. With this hosting approach, however, there are great risks for medium and large companies. With so many websites hosted on a single server, low downtime is an important issue – an issue that businesses simply can’t keep up with. On the other hand, a custom dedicated server is for you and you alone.

Take the risk to your sales into account

Let’s imagine a situation where your website brings significant revenue to your business every day. Suppose your website is unavailable for approximately 12 hours. How much money are you going to lose if you can lose all the money in the 12 hours of downtime, you don’t have to worry about your hosting services. However, if you believe that this particular downtime causes a great loss, you have to stick to using a dedicated server. However, if you’re not upgrading to a dedicated managed server based on just the initial cost factor, consider the amount of money you can save in the long run, rather than thinking about the initial cost of upgrading your system.

Server overload and faulty scripts are a thing of the past

When it comes to a shared server, the activities of the other sites that use the same server affect yours. Two of the many different factors that can affect your website are overload and bad scripts. If a server gets overloaded, your website runs very slowly and at some point, your website can crash at peak times.

However, when it comes to USA based dedicated server hosting, they are used only by you, so external factors have no impact on performance. You have the potential to schedule maintenance in low-traffic times to ensure that your site performs at its best. You can also choose which hardware to use with the required memory and bandwidth to ensure that your server meets the requirements. You also get full administrator access to the server.

Server security

There is a good chance that your server will be stored in a colocation facility that offers USA dedicated server hosting services in addition to other services. This means that you can benefit from using these functions for server security. If you take over dedicated servers, you will be protected from flooding, fire, theft and much more in the long term.

5 advantages of using dedicated server hosting

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